Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When you are still small... (warning: baby/toddler-video)

...the whole world is a playground. And everything in it is just waiting to be discovered!

The backyard is a jungle, the tall grass a place to hide while stalking the neighbour's cat. Until she comes too close and you remember she's no mere cat, she's a huge tiger! And you are her hunter. Or, maybe, her prey...?

The stairs are a mountain, covered in ice and snow. The attic its summit. You dream about climbing it, right up into the clouds! There you are, look, you're holding a flag! What do you see from up there? And more importantly: how will you ever get back down...?

Or something as simple as a hammock. For mum and dad, it's a place to relax. To read a book. To forget about work for a while. Not for you. No. When you are still small, that same hammock is a great big ship sailing on an unexplored ocean. You are it's captain, steering it towards unknown worlds and sunken treasures!

Oh, to be that small again...


  1. Babies are so lucky and they don't even know it. Remember being little and wishing to be older? How stupid were we all?

  2. Utterly gorgeous! Oh I love those little voices.