Friday, March 4, 2011

Boy, time flies when things are going well...

The past year there were NO hospital visits (apart from that first week in neonatology), NO physiotherapy appointments, NO pre-speech/eat-therapy, NO cardiology scares, NO cognitive testing, NO worries...

As a result, time has flown by so fast we didn't even see this coming:

The past year was one of giggles, of cuddles, of playing, of laughter. You have learned to roll, to eat, to crawl, to pull yourself up on everything within your reach. And you have learned all that without any special help from us. You have gotten to know your big brother and sister: you play with them, laugh with them, are cuddled and kissed by them. And you have learned to duck when they are throwing things your way, a lifesaving skill you will probably enjoy and perfect over the years to come.

They have gotten to know you, too. They now know puzzles and drawings are things to be made at the 'big' table, where your little fingers can't reach them and they are safe from being eaten. They know they have to be careful with you, they just choose to ignore that knowledge whenever they see fit. They love 'reading' and singing to you just as much as they hate it when you take (and eat) things that belong to them. They see you growing up and are celebrating every little milestone with us. They probably won't know what hit them the minute you start taking your first steps...

You have learned to love, and be loved by, everyone around you. You are a joy to be around and we love you to pieces!

"Is it his birthday? Is he one now, mama?"

Yes, you are ONE!!!


  1. Hieperdepiep Hoera!!!!! Can't believe it's been a year already... I mean, I'm still sort of thinking I should visit you and your little baby boy, and by the time I'll get around to it he can probably walk to the door already.. Good to hear you are all practicing the cuddling! Lovely to hear from you, hugs & x-jes

  2. Happy birthday to all of you! :)

  3. Wow, it's been a year! Congratulations!