Tuesday, July 28, 2009


How's this for a positive peestick?

I am actually starting to believe I am pregnant. Me. Again. Wow!

And it already amazes me how different it feels this time. Not physically, but in my heart. Last time, it was so surreal. We had almost given up hope we'd ever become parents, didn't look further ahead than the next day. We knew we were pregnant then, we saw the double lines. Saw the ultrasound pictures. Felt all those little kicks. But we knew nothing about having children. We had a vision in our head of what it might be like, but it was blurry. At best.

This time around? I KNOW what might be growing inside of me. I FEEL it. With every fiber in my body. There's already a connection. I feel it when I look at our twins. They are my family. The ones that are here already. And the one(s) that we can't yet see. It's weird. But I love it!

Oh shit! When this ends up going wrong, I will crash so hard I won't know what hit me for months...

Ultrasound on August 12.


  1. WoooWhoooo!!! Congrats. Holy cow. August 12? I though the 6th was bad enough! I can't wait to see what is cooking in there. :-)

    I am just so happy for you!!!

  2. Hopefully it won't go wrong.

    It can go right, it really can.