Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did you hear that?

Did you hear that? That loud grinding noise? Did you? Did you?

That was me. Or more accurately, my FET-cycle. Grinding to a halt...

I was prepared for everything this cycle. The phonecall from the lab saying: "Sorry, no go, none of your embryo's made it through the thaw". The spotting. The cramps. The negative pregnancy test. The positive pregnancy test but no heartbeat on the u/s. And every possible complication afterwards. I was prepared for everything.

But not for today's scan.

No progress since Monday. No growth. Nothing. Still that one dominant follicle at exactly the same size as 3 days ago. And by exactly I don't mean "still somewhere around 12 mm". I mean still exactly at 1,0x1,4 mm, like Monday. Lining still at exactly 6 mm, like Monday. WTF?!?

Next scan on Monday. Wonder what that one will show...

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